Guidelines for abstract submission



Deadline for Abstract Submission: November 2nd, 2020.

Notification of Abstract Acceptance: until November 8th, 2020.

Deadline for Sending Video Presentations: November 16th, 2020

Deadline of payment for the Participation fee (delegates who will present abstracts): November 16th, 2020

Deadline of payment for General Registration and Conference fee (delegates who will not present abstracts): November 27th, 2020


  1. Each registered delegate may submit up to 2 (two) abstracts as the first author. There is no limit for submission of co-authored abstracts. The submitted abstract may have a maximum of 10 (ten) authors (one principal author and five co-authors).
  1. The delegate must agree to the video presentation format and authorize Conference Organization to make the video available on the conference website. Presentation dates will be made available opportunely.
  1. Only registered delegates will be able to submit abstracts. No payment is necessary at the time of registration or of the submission of abstracts. When the abstract is approved, however, the author who will present the abstract must pay for her/his registration. The payment of the Participation fee must be done in case of acceptance of the abstract. The accepted abstracts will be included both in the full programme and the event proceedings. Co-authors, who will not participate in the II Conference of the Brazilian Association of Research in Prevention and Health Promotion, do not have to register as delegates or pay any fee.
  1. Submission of abstracts will be done exclusively through the Conference website (please, see “Submit Papers” tab).
  1. Abstracts will be classified into one of the following four main topics of interest:
  1. a) General themes in health prevention and promotion: Public policies for health promotion and prevention; Development and/or adaptation of strategies, programs, and systems in health prevention and promotion; Implementation and evaluation of strategies, programs, and systems; Experiences carried out in health prevention and promotion in multiple contexts: family, school, social facilities, workplace, community, clinical practice, and the State; Teaching-learning experiences and continuing education in health prevention and promotion.
  1. b) Community participation: Community-based interventions; Community prevention systems; Social participation and health; Social identity and sense of belonging; Attachment to the place/topophilia; Community resilience; Community cohesion; Community health; Social movements; Community readiness, capacity, and mobilization; Participatory democracy; Participatory community-based research.
  1. c) Sustainable environments: Climate change and health; Environmental education; Agroecology and community empowerment; Food and nutrition security; Water security and sanitation; Health-promoting schools and universities; Healthy cities.
  1. d) Social justice: Equity and health; Human rights and health; Financial vulnerability and financial well-being; Intersectionality and health; Race and health; Health of traditional populations; Health and gender; LGBTQIA+ Health; Immigration and health; Health in the course of life.
  1. Each of the submitted abstracts will be analyzed and evaluated by members of the Scientific Committee, who will have the final decision of its approval or rejection.


After receiving confirmation of abstract acceptance (via email), the delegate must prepare his/her recorded presentation. The recordings can be made by a cell phone or a computer with a webcam. The uploaded video file must be in MP4 or MOV format.

Before recording your presentation.

(1) Make sure your device has enough memory to record the complete presentation.

(2) Choose a bright environment, with good acoustics and the least possible noise. If necessary, use a lamp or lamps. Do not record it with a window or light in the background, or your image will be too dark.

(3) Make sure your headset microphone is picking up your voice.

(4) Clean the camera you are going to use, so it does not become blurred and change the image quality.

(5) If you need to, put a mirror right behind the camera so that you can see if it is framed.

(6) We suggest that you elaborate your presentation with the support of PowerPoint using it as a Teleprompter when recording.

(7) When recording the video, if necessary, pause it and resume recording. But remember, the video must be sent in a single file already edited.

During the recording of your presentation

(1) While recording, keep the device in the horizontal position.

(2) Do not offer data that you do not want to be published as the videos will be available to participants.

After you have recorded your presentation

(1) Watch your video and see if the presentation has been completely recorded. (2) Prepare your video for upload in the MP4 or MOV extensions

(3) Name your video correctly: NAME AND FIRST SURNAME OF THE 1st AUTHOR_SHORT TITLE

(4) Send to or share your video via Google Drive with

(5) Send an email confirming the upload of your video and wait for the confirmation reply

Recording duration: from 5 to 7 minutes

* Please, obey to this presentation time strictly. Videos that exceed 7-minutes recording WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

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